Why do we use Warner-Bratzler Shear Force for our tenderness EPD (Shr) when it so difficult to collect this data?

Warner-Bratzler Shear Force (WBSF) is a measure of exactly how much pressure (weight) it takes to cut through a steak. The WBSF is beneficial since it truly measures tenderness vs. an indicator trait. Having said that, it is difficult and somewhat rare to collect WBSF data. A few years ago, there was a large collaborative study looking at tenderness across several breeds. In this study and others since, many records were collected on Simmental and Simbrah cattle. Genetic information was also collected along with WBSF measurements leading to the discovery of genetic markers for tenderness. The ASA uses WBSF data on ~3500 animals and additional SNP data for tenderness to generate the shear force EPD (Shr) as our best estimate for a tenderness EPD.

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