Using ASA’s EPD search tool to help select breeding stock

Last fall, ASA launched a new version of our EPD search tool. In the new EPD search page, you can specify the following search options: breed type, sex, registration status, animal type (active parent or active non-parent, or all), age of the animals, phenotypes for specific traits (color, horned/polled/scurred), Sire registration number, or breeder. To include a certain EPD or index click on the “+” button and enter your parameters. You can select ranges, type in exact minimum or maximum values, choose percentile ranking, and add minimum accuracies for each EPD of interest. You can choose how you would like the list to be sorted (by descending API, for instance). If you are uncertain what values to include in the fields, hover your mouse over the word and more information will appear about that option.
You can find this search tool through the herdbook website Hover your mouse on the “Data Search” tab and then click on “EPD Search”.

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