How can I get my animal tested for DD or other genetic conditions?

Agrigenomics, GeneSeek, and Zoetis all offer the developmental duplication (DD) test. To order the DD test through ASA, you can do one of the following: contact us by phone at 406-587-4531, email or you can download a DNA kit request form at and submit via fax/email/mail to ASA. To send out a DNA kit, ASA needs the ASA registration number of the animal. If the animal is unregistered, we will need the animal tattoo and sex, along with the sire and dam’s registration numbers. If you would like to have a sample that is already at GeneSeek pulled for the DD test, please notify ASA.

These requests are made every Tuesday. The DD test costs $25.00 per animal and can be completed on blood, hair, or semen. As this is a new test and there is a backlog of samples to run, it will initially take extra time for results. Once the test is running smoothly and the number of samples has waned, GeneSeek expects a 10-14 business day turn-around time.

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