black and red calves

Red Charlie: A Newly Discovered Red Coat Color Variant

In the spring of 2015, the American Simmental Association had a report of a red calf confirmed to a tested homozygous black bull.  While learning about this case, several sons of Remington Lock N Load, 2503661, appeared to carry a red coat color variant not recognized by the existing coat color test. These bulls all tested homozygous black but sired red calves. The…


How does parent verification work?

Whether you use parent verification to confirm your breeding records, distinguish between AI and pasture bred calves, or to sort through progeny from a multi-sire pasture, parental validation is an important test for breeders. Roughly 10% of pedigrees reported across all breed associations are inaccurate. These are frequently honest mistakes but never-the-less, vital to fix to make informed breeding decisions.

Inputs and outputs for each sector of the beef industry used in calculating the All Purpose Index. Index. Graphic from Tim Cartledge of Lancaster Black Simmentals, Meningie, SA, Australia.

Genetic Accounting

By Jackie Atkins, Ph.D., Director of Science and Education at the ASA On a daily basis, cattle operations face management decisions that can make the enterprise either more or less successful. It’s not always easy to know what the right decision is but with some thought and advice from trusted sources, usually the choice becomes… – A Great Animal Breeding and Genetics Resource

Have you checked out yet?  eBEEF is an effort of 6 extension specialist to provide accurate information about breeding and genetics in beef cattle.  The eBEEF team, Drs. Darrh Bullock, Jared Decker, Megan Rolf, Matthew Spangler, Alison Van Eenennaam, and Robert Weaber, gathered material in one spot for an excellent animal breeding resource.  eBEEF has…

Contemporary Grouping

Proper contemporary group design and reporting is vital to evaluating the genetic potential of sires.   You might think reporting all your calves as one contemporary group will make their EPDs more accurate but the reality is you want to assign contemporary groups that reflect how the calves were raised for the best results.  Read the following article,…